Q: Do I have to book immediately or can I block the property for a couple of days?

A: It is possible to block a property for max. 48 hours.

Q: Is the online booking calendar always up to date? 

A: The booking calendars are updated immediately with all new reservations or block out periods. With regard of the risk of double bookings, we do not offer the "book now" option, but confirm the availability and reservation requests in max. 24 hs.

Q: When do I have to pay?

A: There are 2 installments: 20% within 5 days after the receipt of the confirmation, 80% 4 weeks before arrival. Alternatively you can pay 50% on reservation and 50% on the spot, when picking up the keys. Short term and last minute bookings: the full rental price has to be paid on reservation.

Q: Can I cancel or change my booking?

A: The rental agreement is for a specific property, owned by a specific owners. Therefore, in all changes of travel dates or switching from one property to another, we have to respect the terms of the contract. However, in the practice we look for the best and less costly solution, as long as your wishes for change do not have economic repercussions.



Q: What is the basic equipent of a property?

A: You'll always find a fully fitted kitchen with all kitchenware and utensils needed for a self catering property, including cleaning products. TV with satellite dish receiving ASTRA (German TV with some English news and sports channels). Hairdryers or wireless internet is becoming a standard, but yet not available in some properties. At our office, we have got some hairdryers you can borrow and wireless mobile routers to rent out (3€/day)

Q: What are the Spanish bedsizes?

A: Spanish double beds are 135x190cm, single beds 90x190cm. We encourage house owners to substitute their old mattrasses to larger sizes: 150 x 200 cm for double bed and 90-100 x 200cm for single beds.

Q: Are linen and towels provided?

A: There is 1 set of linen, 2 hand towels and 2 bath towels for each guest. Additional sets can be ordered in advance or picked up on the spot (7€ p.p.) Please bring your own beach towels.

Q: Are the properties suitable also for the winter season?

A: Not all villas and apartments are suitable for the winter, due mostly to regional features or dampness. Best ask Casa Andaluza for advice, as we know our properties well.
Only few houses have central heating, but thanks to the moderate temperatures in winter, usually a good working wood burning stove in combination with electric radiators or gas heaters are sufficient. You can order fire wood and additonal heaters with your reservation or at any other moment. Bathrooms are equipped with fan heaters or glow bars.

We encourage house owners to substitute the traditional woolen blankets by duvets.

Q: Are cleaning products / spices / oil & vinegar in the property?

A: We advise owners and cleaning teams to leave detergents for washing machine, dishwasher and general cleaning products & utensils, rubbish bags and toilet paper in the property. Futhermore there should be salt & pepper (and other spices left by holidaymakers), oil and vinegar.



Q: What time can we pick up the keys?

A: Keys can be picked up any time. Outside the office hours, you can collect your keys from the key safe (under our shop window). In some properties, clients are received by the owner or house keeper. In this case we need to know your exact arrival time and your mobile phone number.

Q: We arrive early in the morning. Can we move in straight away into the property? / Our plane leaves very late. Can we stay longer in the property?

A: On change over days, with departure and arrival on the same day, we have to insist on the official hours: check out latest 11 am, check in earliest 5pm. If the previous guests left the property the day before, it is possible to move in earlier, once you have agreed this with Casa Andaluza. Vice versa for departure: if there is no new arrival on your departure day, you can stay longer if this is agreed with Casa Andaluza.

Q: Do I have to clean the property on departure day?

A: You do not have to do a proper cleaning, but are obliged to leave the property in a clean and tidy state: all inventory on its place,  dishes cleaned, rubbish removed, floors broomed. The exit cleaning and laundry service is done by the maintenance staff. Casa Andaluza has the right to retain from the breakage deposit the costs for additional cleaning hours in case of heavy soiling.



Q: Is exit cleaning, linen and towels included in the rental price?

A: In most properties we distinguish between rental price (variable cost) and costs for final cleaning, linen & towels (fixed costs as compulsory holiday extra). This calculation method is more fair, exact and transparent, and gives you an economic advantage if you stay for more than 1 week.

Q: Is there a weekly cleaning and change of linen & towels?

A: No, unless you require these services in your booking or on any moment afterwards. We offer intermediate cleaning service at 12-15€/h and additional sets of linen and towels at 7€ per person.

Q: Is electricity, water etc. included in rental price?

A: All running costs are included in rent, like electricity, water, community charges etc. During cold season, 1 heater (radiator or gas heater) is included, but additional heaters will be charged separately.
In long term rental contracts we usually charge electricity costs separately.



Q: What services does Casa Andaluza offer?

A: Our service comprehends marketing services, management of bookings, payments, key delivery, maintenance staff and the attention of customers on the spot, including a 24hs hotline in case of emergency.
Furthermore we offer travel cots, extra beds, shopping service, intermediate cleaning, internet... Find out more about our house service

Q: Is weekly cleaning and change of linen and towels included in the price?



Q: Can I drink water from the tap?

A: Many properties are in rural areas and not connected to the mains. The water is pumped out of a well and is not of drinking quality but is ok for cleaning teeth and cooking. 

Fuente del Gallo and Roche are connected to the mains of Conil and you can drink from the tap, even though it tastes a bit of chlorine.

Q: Where do I leave the rubbish? 

A: Bring your rubbish to the containers in Conil or along the county roads. You should separate glass, paper and packaging (plastic, cans...) from the other waste. 

Q: Why do I have to throw toilet paper into the bin container?

Conil, Fuente del Gallo and Roche are connected to sewage systems and you can dispose toilet paper in the toilet. In all the other areas, the properties have a septic tank. To avoid unpleasant blockages, please do not throw toilet paper, tissues, sanitary pads, etc. in the toilet.



Q: In which months can I use the pool?

A: The pools are in operation from early April until end of October. From mid May until Mid October, the water temperature is above 22°C.

Q: Who is responsible for the cleaning of the pool?

A: The swimming pool is cleaned by the owner or the gardener, who comes about 2 x per week to clean and control chlorine and ph level. With the net you can remove leaves and insects from the pool. Please do not manipulate the pool pump.

Q: What should I know about garden maintenance?

A: We ask owners / maintenance staff to cut the lawn on change over days, but it can happen that the lawn has to be cut during your stay. Gardeners and pool cleaners have unhindered access to the properties to do their job.
Sprinkler systems are programmed to work at night time. Please withdraw cushions from sunbeds in the evening.



Q: Are dogs and cats allowed in the property?

A: Please check the property attibutes to find out if a pet is allowed in the chosen property.

Cats are generally not admitted, because of the large number of people who suffer cat allergies.

Q: What should I observe when bringing my dog?

A: For reasons of hygiene and respect for following customers, sofas, beds and the pool are taboo for dogs. Please bring your own dog blanket or bed. Dogs should not be locked in the house alone and should not molest the neighbourhood with their barking. Please remove all dog muck from the garden. 

Q: Does the dog cost extra?

A: There is a additional cleaning fee of 30 Euro for each animal and a breakage deposit of 250 Euro. You ought to have a liability insurance for your pet.

Q: Are dogs allowed on the beach?

A: During high season, dogs are not admitted on the beach. However, on secluded beaches like Mangueta in Zahora, Cala Isabel there is no control. During low season, there is no problem taking the dog to the beach.
Please observe that in Spain, dogs are usually not welcome in restaurants or public transport.

Q: Can I feed stray animals at the house?

A: In consideration to the following guests, we kindly ask not to feed stray animals at the house. Better feed them the street. Animals begging for food and entering the property can be a nuisance.



Q: Are there good offers for long term rentals?

A: If you plan to stay for more than 1 month, ask for an individual offer. Especially for the winter season we can offer very good rates. In summer, however, the monthly rent corresponds to the rents we usually achieve with short term stays.

Q: Do you rent also properties for several years?

A: The properties in our selection are only for short term rentals or long term stays up to 5 months. However, we can help you in your search for a property to rent for a year or more.



Q: How much is the breakage deposit?

A: In moste houses, the breakage deposit is 100 Euro. It rises to 250 Euro when travelling with a dog and up to 600 Euro in luxury properties (see rental notes).

Q: When do I have to pay the breakage deposit?

A: Anytime before your arrival. The best way is to give us your credit card details with the allowance to debit your card for compensation in the case of damage being reported. Otherwise there is no charge.
You can also send us the breakage deposit per bank draft. We return your money max. 14 days after departure.

Q: When is the security deposit retained?

A: For damage caused to the property and its inventory by improper use, negligence and irresponsible behaviour. Some examples: dirty walls, damage on pool filter system because of small toys in the system, heavy soiling...
In every case we document the damage with photos and testimonies and supply receipts for repairs, replacements or work hours. Before using the deposit, we notify the customer and consider their response about the issue.



Q: I discover flaws my accommodation. What can I do?

A: If there is a defect in the property, if it is not completely clean & tidy, if there is excessive noise in the neighborhood and you cannot sleep... Please notify the office immediately and we will find a solution. If we can not remove the flaw, you can ask for an economic compensation or, if the flaw is making it impossible to use the property as a holiday home, ask for a house change. A very typical example for this are heavy building noises in the direct neighbourhood.

Q: The property does not meet my expectations. Can I change to another property?

A: If the villa or apartment does not meet your expectations, but complies with our description and has no defect which prevents its use as a holiday home, a change of property or refund cannot be claimed. However we will do our best to find a satisfactory solution for all parties involved.