FAQ - Advertising and Managing your Holiday Property with Casa Andaluza

Q: Where is the office of Casa Andaluza?

A: Our office is in C. Chiclana, 64 in Conil de la Frontera (between Supersol and market hall). Open Mo-Fr. 9:00 - 14:00, in summer we also open Saturday mornings.

Q: How will my property be displayed in the web?

A: We visit your property personally, do a photo shooting and make a detailled description. From this information we create a presentation of your home, with all features, photos, prices and availability calendar - all on one view.

Q: Who determines the prices?

A: If you are already renting out your property, we can work with the same prices as you are displaying in your own website or advertisement. Otherwise we calculate a market oriented proposal, according to the strength of the demand along the year.

Q: How does the reservation system work?

A: With your house displayed in the website, last-minute-offers in the shop window and by specific recommendations through the Casa Andaluza sales staff, we offer your property to suitable clients. Normally we control the reservation calendar, which enables us to a flexible and quick response. You will get informed about the booking as soon as the client confirms.

Q: When is the rental paid?

A: The rentals are paid in the beginning of the month for all arrivals taking place during the month in question.

Q: Who takes care of reception, key delivery and departure?

A: For most of the villas and apartments, the keys are handed out in our office. With our keysafe, we can ensure key delivery any time of the day. Of course, the owner can also welcome the guest personally and give a brief instruction, as this is not possible for us for organisational reasons. In the same way, on departure day we cannot control the house personally, but rely on the reports of our cleaning and maintenance teams. 

Q: Who is in charge of cleaning, laundry and maintenance of the property?

Principally, the service around the property is the owner's task. On request, we can recommend you a trustworthy, professional team to take over the service. 

Q: Who takes care of garden and pool?

A: Also for garden and pool we can recommend reliable professionals.

Q: How should the property be equipped?

A: For detailed information as to equipment and preparation of the rental property, please read our inventory requirements.

Q: Is there a security deposit to cover damages caused by the clients?

A: Yes, we ask for a 100€ deposit for breakages and damages, in some cases the deposit can be higher. If there is a damage caused by negligence or culpable behaviour of the guest, the costs can be covered by the security deposit. 

Q: Do I get a compensation when the booking is cancelled by the client?

A: Yes, you are entitled to a part of the rental in case of cancellation. The closer the arrival day, the higher is the cancellation compensation.

Q: Can I also advertise and market my property myself?

A: Yes, you can advertise your property on the web etc. with a direct contact to the owner, observing that the prices are the same in all advertisements of your property.
Nevertheless, Casa Andaluza does not include properties which are offered by other agencies.

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