Booking Terms and Conditions

(last update December 2016)

Casa Andaluza, in the following text called "CA", was founded in Munich in 1998. Since 2001, our place of business and legal seat is at C. Chiclana, 64, E-11140 Conil. Since 2010, Casa Andaluza is a registered brand of Consulting y Marketing de la Janda, S.L.U. CA is acting as an intermediary between property owners and holiday makers. All contracts between CA and their customers (owners and guests) are subject to Spanish legislation. Please read the terms of business carefully.
We are not responsible for typing errors or mistyped numbers in the property description.


By sending us your enquiry over the CA website (or over one of our advertisement in another platform), per email, phone or fax, you agree to our terms & conditions.

CA will respond to your enquiry within max. 24hs (48hs on weekends), informing you about the availability for the required travel dates, rental price and fees for extra services. In case the chosen property is not available, CA will suggest you alternative accommodations.

You can now confirm the reservation or ask us to put a hold option on a selected property, valid for max. 48hs (pre-reservation). If you do not confirm the reservation within this period, your option is cancelled (usually we send you a brief email reminder to find out if you are still interested). If you confirm your reservation, we send you the travel documents (booking confirmation / invoice).


In the booking confirmation you find broken down the rental price and, in case it applies, the fees for extra services. Payment can be done by bank transfer, credit card or cash.

The payment of the deposit (20% of the total price) is due within 48hs after having received the travel documents.

The balance payment is due 4 weeks before arrival.

There is also a possibility to a part payment on arrival day (cash or credit card), but in that case we require a deposit of 50% of the rental price, and the balance has to be backed up via credit card.

In case of last-minute bookings, the whole amount has to be paid immediately.

The breakages deposit is due together with the balance payment. It can be covered either by giving us your credit card details or by sending the amount together with your balance payment.

Bank transfer and credit card: You can either pay by bank transfer to our account at UNICAJA in Conil (please take in account that all bank expenses have to be paid by the customer) or by giving us your credit card details over the telephone. Please note that there is a commission of 1% on credit card payments. 

The keys to the property can only be collected if the whole rental amount is paid.


CA does its best to ensure that all information is kept up to date, however some characteristics and furniture may change over periods that we are not made aware of. CA cannot be held liable for this change.

If you as the client find that there is something wrong in the accommodation, you must inform CA straight away. Failure to do so may result in a loss of rights to claim compensation. CA will do their best to rectify the problem or provide an alternative.

CA acts as an agent for private accommodation owners. Therefore CA can never be responsible for delays, accidents, losses, changes of schedules and rates, damages, etc. (neither for persons nor for objects), that may occur in any of its suppliers services.

CA or its employees are not responsible for:

  • errors, omissions, or misspelled words
  • misrepresentation by third parties
  • personal damages or injuries incurred while staying in one of the accommodations of this Web site
  • disputes between a consumer and a third party
  • content of external links you will find on our website
  • external factors which might (temporarily) change the environment, such as public building work, damages caused by floods or storms etc.


You can cancel the booking before arrival day anytime. In your own interest and as a mean of evidence we recommend to send us your cancellation per email.
In case of cancellation we charge the following fees:

a) Cancellation until 61 days before arrival the deposit payment of 20%
b) between 60. and 35 days before arrival 50% of the rental price
c) between 34. and 10 days before arrival 80% of the rental price
d) less than 9 days before arrival 95% of the rental price.

We strongly recommend to book an insurance for cancellation fees. Our partner ERV offers a full coverage of the cancellation costs for only 15€ for parties up to 5 people.

If you want to change your travel dates or the accommodation after the booking has been confirmed, we charge a fee of 30€, in case the arrival date is 61 or more days ahead. If the date of your arrival is 60 days or less, any change of reservation supposes the cancellation of the booking combined with a new booking. If there are only minor changes, which are possible without major effort and costs, we will charge only 50€ + other costs that might arise from that change.
Please observe that each booking has an independent contract with the owner of this property. Therefore a change to different property supposes the cancellation of the contract held on this property, and the new booking of another property.

In case CA finds a new client for the cancelled period, the cancellation fee can be reduced, taking in account the earnings with the new booking, possible discounts etc.


CA can cancel the contract before arrival in case of non payment of the 1st or 2nd installment, after having sent a reminder of payment.
CA can cancel the contract after arrival, if you or your travel companions are behaving in a way, which might cause a damage to the property and/or lead to excessive costs for the owner or the agency. This refers especially to negligent or irresponsible behavior, or if the property is occupied by more people than the maximum allowed. In that case we have the right to keep the total amount of the rental.


In case of delayed arrival or early departure, you have no claim for a (partial) devolution of the rent.
We will refund you the payments made for unused extra services, retaining only the service fees (e.g. delivery costs).


We ask for a security deposit of at least 100€ (we ask for higher deposits for high-end properties, mentioned in the property descriptions) to cover

  • damages of the property, its outside areas and its inventory, caused by irresponsible behaviour and negligence
  • additional cleaning costs when property is left in a state of excessive untidiness,
  • waiting time of cleaning team when you leave the property later than 11:00 on the day of departure.

If you bring a pet, the security deposit is at least 250 Euro. You can either send the securtiy deposit together with the balance payment, or by authorizing us to debit your credit card for the amount of the security deposit. If the deposit is sent by transfer, we return the amount approx. 2 weeks after departure. In case of credit card deposit, we do not debit your card unless we receive a damage report.
In case of a damage report, we inform you about the damages reported and send you all receipts to justify the compensation.


  • You are responsible for the whole group travelling with you, to treat the property with care and to notify CA immediately about damages and defects.
  • The property can only be used by the number of people named in the booking. In case of overbooking, we can ask for a compensation payment for the period of the overbooking (10%-15% of the rental price per person) and/or can demand the immediate dislocation of the excess of guests.
  • It is strictly forbidden to camp on the estate (put up tents, park caravans...).
  • On arrival day, check-in is possible from 5pm; on departure day, check-out is before 11am. Early check-in or late check-out is only possible with clear permission of CA, and is only possible on days when arrival is not on the same day as departure.
  • On departure day, you are obliged to leave the property in a clean and tidy state (dishes washed, garbage removed, floors clean from sand and dust, everything in its place, and linen removed from the beds).
  • You are obliged to do everything possible to avoid any damage, disturbance or defect, which includes pulling back sunshades when strong wind is coming up or taking inside cushions and mattresses before rain starts or at night time when sprinklers start to work...
  • You are obliged to grant access to the estate to the service personal for pool and garden maintenance.
  • You have to notify CA if you bring a domestic animal. Please check in the object description if pets are allowed in the property. Please observe that in case of bringing a pet there is an extra charge and a compulsory security deposit.


In case of imperfections, you are obliged to immediately notify CA, asking for remedial action. In case that remedial action is not possible or delayed, we can offer you a discount on the rental price.

If by any circumstance outside of our responsibility, the booked property cannot be used as a holiday accommodation, we will try to offer you an alternative property of similar characteristics. Only in case we are not able to offer you a suitable alternative, there is the possibility to agree a compensation for the inconveniences suffered by the client.

Use of the web site is limited to your own private use and may not be used for commercial exploitation. You have no rights to make copies of any parts of the page, change it or create a page based on it without the express permission of CA. We reserve the right to make changes to the website at any time we consider to be necessary. Information provided can be dependant on a 3rd party, and whilst CA tries to ensure that all information is correct, we cannot be held responsible for any mistakes.


Any claim are in lapse 6 months after the departure day according to the contract. You can not cede your claims to other persons which have travelled with you, spouses etc. Jurisdiction is in the courts of Chiclana de la Frontera.

© Casa Andaluza 2016-2017

Casa Andaluza is a brand of Consulting y Marketing de la Janda, S.L.U. with business seat in in C. Chiclana, 64 in E-11140 Conil de la Frontera and VAT-ID ES-B72147705.