The splendid white houses of the small town of Conil de la Frontera spread down the hill ending at an endless, flat, sandy beach. The Paseo Maritimo, the beach promenade, is inviting for a stroll in the evening. In the legendary beach bars "La Ola" and "Curro Jiménez"  between the beaches Los Bateles and La Fontanillayou can enjoy a cold beer on a warm sunny day (open summer and winter).

During most parts of the year, Conil is a relaxed, small town - disregarding the local youth on their noisy scooters and the building activities everywhere. During Spring and Autumn there are mainly German and English tourists, but you never get the impression that you are in a touristic stronghold, as Conil is a lively town in itself.

In July and August the Spanish take their main holiday mostly on the coast. Then the town threatens to burst at the seams, the search for parking turns into a nightmare and the recovery vehicle hauls off parking sinners 24h a day. There's no way to get a table in a restaurant and the Spanish youth are in party mode and strongly inclined not to stop before daybreak.

If you are looking for relaxation and tranquility during peak season, avoid the town and book accommodation in a rural area or on the beach.

Until 20 years ago, Conil was a tranquil fishing village and a cheap holiday destination for people from Cádiz and Seville during the summer holidays. Now more and more tourists from abroad decide to spend their holidays in this charming town, which has improved the quality of its services, but also caused a substantial rise in prices. Conil however maintains its typical charm and the habitants are very friendly.

The Countryside around Conil

Without doubt the clean sandy beaches are the main attraction of this region: The never-ending beaches of Playa de los Bateles past Fontanilla until Playa Fuente de Gallo, followed by the cliffs, are interrupted by small sandy coves. In these you will find a perfect place to enjoy sunbathing and swimming even when the strong, merciless Levante (east wind) blows.
Besides fishing and tourism, agriculture is still one of the most important industries of the region. Around Conil, the landscape is made up of fields, pastures, greenhouses and fruit & vegetable gardens. In the market hall and smaller supermarkets you can buy local products - much fresher and of better quality than what you'll find in the big supermarkets and at very fair prices. The building industry used to be an imortant source of income, but with the collapse of this part of the economy, unemployment has doubled.

Fuente del Gallo

is an exclusive residential area 2 km from Conil with asphalted palm tree avenues and sidewalks. It is situated on the cliffs  and has good access to the beach below. There is a small supermarket for your daily shopping and several restaurants (the two of El Roqueo, El Marinero, Hotel Flamenco, Hotel Garbi and Camping Fuente del Gallo).

Roche Viejo

is not a village, but an agricultural area at the border of the pine forest. Now many fields are divided into smaller plots and villas pop up within 3 months, a record building time. More and more roads are improved and covered with tarmac and most houses are now connected to Conil's water supply. There are shopping possibilities in the camp site's supermarkets along the country road "Carretera del Muelle" and the small supermarket "Los Rosales" (see map). Restaurants: Pizzeria El Faro, the traditional Venta Cabo Roche and especially recommendable in summer: El Tergal, opposite of the fishing harbour.

El Mayorazgo / Dehesa de Roche

The area between Conil and El Colorado is covered by a pine forest where here and there you find groups of holiday cottages and farm houses. You can quickly reach the beaches of Fuente del Gallo, the big sandy cove "Cala del Aceite" and the smaller wind protected coves of Roche. The closest shops are the little supermarket on the small country road "Colada de la Venta" and the large supermarket of El Colorado. Recommended restaurant: Mar y Monte on the road from El Colorado to Roche.

Residencial Roche 

is an exclusive residential district with high end villas, many facilities and good infrastructure. It is situated picturesquely between pine trees and a splendid sandy beach, half-way between Conil and Chiclana, only 5 minutes drive from the golf course of Novo Sancti Petri. The approx. 1000 villas all have large gardens with pines. There is a community centre, 2 restaurants, tennis courts, cash dispenser, pharmacy, playground and fitness path and an outdoor training park, ideal also for elderly people. Last but not least there is a security service with video surveillance and car patrols. Roche is lively in summer, but very quiet in winter.


Conil 650

Conil seen from the beach

Conil Paseom IMG

Paseo Marítimo

2007 09 Conil 105

Barrio de Pescadores (Fishermens Quarter)

Cala Del Aceite 650

Cala del Aceite

Atardecer Calle

Street view Fuente del Gallo

Rio Roche Pared Rocosa

Hiking path Río Roche

Pinar Y Hierba

Dehesa de Roche offers ideal conditions for hikes, horse rides or mountain bike tours