Baelo Claudio - Ruins of a Roman Town

Choose a day without "levante", the sharp hot wind for your visit to Bolonia (N-340, 15km before Tarifa). The excavations of the Roman town Baelo Claudio are well explained and the view of slim columns jutting out of the old Roman ruins and the marvellous, secluded beach behind are the subject of many postcards.

2000 years ago, Baelo Claudio was a connection port for North Africa and famous for its salted fish specialities, above all the legendary "Garum" juice, which were exported throughout the whole Roman Empire (Garum amphors were found in England too). The recently opened museum provides information about the workings of the Roman settlement and explains the sophisticated infrastructure of the town while giving an insight into Roman daily life.

In summer, open air concerts and ancient tragedies are played out in the antique theatre under the stary night. Entry is mostly free, ticket reservation necessary:

Migrating Dune of Bolonia

Combine your visit with a walk up the dune and a swim in the crystal clear water. Look to the sky over the backlands, which are populated by soaring vultures.

Coast Trails Atlanterra - Bolonia - Punta Paloma

We recommend two easy and beautiful walks to Bolonia along the coast. One-way walking time 1,5 - 2,5h.  

Hike 1: from Atlanterra (Punta Caminal) to Bolonia
From Zahara de los Atunes drive to Atlanterra until the very end of the road, where you should park your car at the lighthouse of Punta Caminal. Go down to the beach and then follow the river until you find the hiking path on the right which takes you through the pine woods to the migrating dune of Bolonia. 

Hike 2: from Tarifa (Punta Paloma) to Bolonia
Leave the N-340 at Punta Paloma (aprox. 8km before Tarifa) and stay on the road up to the dunes until you reach the restaurant "El Mirlo", where you can park your car. Follow the road which soon ends and turns into a hiking path. You'll find that the path splits into smaller paths here and there, but they all go the same direction. Maybe first walk along the beach to Bolonia and on the way back stay a bit more up the hill and walk through the pine forest. On your way you pass beautiful sandy coves with some bizarre rock formations. For me, this is the best of all the coastal hikes in the region!




Baelo Claudio


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