The capital of the province of Cádiz lived its most glorious period in the 17th century, as the prominent harbour for the shipping of goods to and from America. Its status as the primary commercial metropolis for the trading of goods for the new world, made Cádiz one of the wealthiest cities of Europe, as reflected in the many magnificent town houses of the merchant families.

Worth a visit: Torre Tavira  with the Camara Oscura, an invention of Leonardo da Vinci: a sophisticated system of mirror and optical lenses projects an image of the whole town into a darkened room. C/Sacramento, corner C/Marqués del Real Tesoro, guided tours 4 Euro.

Visit the fish market which is close by.

Other sight seeing spots

Casa del Obispo: On transparent walk ways you walk over 3000 years of history (Cádiz is the oldest town of Europe), from fenician origins to the 18th century. Next to the Cathedral.

Take some hours to stroll through the narrow streets of the barrio La Viña towards Plaza Mina, where green parrots live in the crowns of ancient palm trees.

Don't miss a walk through Parque Genovés  and the pretty wharf of the beach of La Caleta. From here walk along the fortified quay walls towards the Alameda de Apodaca, where you will find the 2 biggest rubber trees in Europe.

Cádiz 2012 - 200th anniversary of the 1st Spanish Constitution: After the Napoleonic wars, and influenced by the modern political ideas of France - especially the "Code Napoléon", in 1812 Spain adopted its first constitution, memorialised by an impressive monument at the Alameda de Apodaca.

Jerez de la Frontera

Jeréz is mainly famous for two things: its Sherry production, Las Bodegas de Jeréz, and the dancing horses of the Royal Escuela de Arte Equestre. 

Visit a Bodega - Sandemann 956-15 17 00, www.sandeman.com, C. Pizarro, 10- Domecq 956-15 15 00, www.alvarodomecq.com, C. Alamo, 2 Tickets approx. 6,50 Euro, duration of the visit with wine tasting and aperitif.

Real Escuela Andaluza de Arte Equestre
"How the Andalusian Horses Dance" show is an equestrian ballet, with shows every Thursday from March to October also Tuesday, 12.00, entry 12-18 Euro. Reservations 956-307798. Daily training from Monday to Friday 10.00-13.00, approx. 6 Euro.

Visit the stud farm of Yeguada de la Cartuja, Saturday from 11.00 a.m. approx. 10 km outside of Jerez in direction to Medina Sidonia. www.yeguadacartuja.com  Reservation necessary, 956-162 809. Our tip: combine a visit of the Yeguada with a tapa tour at Tio Pepe which starts at 14h. Visits to the stud farm "Yeguada de la Cartuja" can be either be reserved direct or at Casa Andaluza. Price: 13,50-18,50 Euro, children under 12 and persons over 65: 8,50 Euro.
Our tip: combine a visit of the stud farm with a tapas tour through the bars of the old town of Jeréz.

The Sherry Triangle: Jeréz, El Puerto de Santa María and Sanlucar de Barrameda

El Puerto de Santa María, the historic harbour from which the conquest of the American continent started, is worth a day trip and can be combined with a sherry tour. El Romerijo with 2 restaurants in the centre is famous for its fried fish.

To get to El Puerto you can also use the catamaran from Cádiz across the bay. 

Sanlucar de Barrameda is a pretty town at the mouth of the Guadalquivir river. In August, famous horse races are held on the beach. From here, you can book a boat trip to the lagoons of the natural reserve "Coto de Doñana".





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