Whale Watching in Tarifa

The Straits of Gibraltar between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, between Europe and Africa are rich fishing grounds and provide living space for dolphins, orcas and many family groups of pilot whales. 

The Swiss marine biologists of "Firm" organize trips in small boats, where you get very close to whales and dolphins. The income made by the boat trips help this non profit organisation to continue with their research and to maintain a voice for the protection of whales and dolphins in the strait. Ticket reservation with Casa Andaluza, 956-456 053, info(at)casa-andaluza.com. More information: www.firmm.org, 956-62 70 08.


Ferries leave from Algeciras or Tarifa to Tangier, in summer almost every hour. You can buy tickets at the harbour or at an agency (there is no price difference), and get to Tangier in only 45 minutes. 2-way ticket: 70 Euro (price may not be up to date, for more information consult www.frs.es). Passport is absolutely necessary.

There are also organised tours with trips, lunch and visit to at least one carpet or souvenir shop, approx. 80 Euro (one day) or 100 Euro (2 days). Our tip: much better than a 1-day-trip to Tangier is a 2-day trip to Asilah, a small beach town 1,5 hours away, easily reached by train, bus or taxi. You can book in advance at a travel agency or just make your own way.




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